Vikki Langelier

Name: Vikki Langelier

Class: Silent Meditation


Spiritual Therapy is a balance between consciousness work in the form of spiritual counselling and various energy therapies designed to bring the client back into harmony with themselves and their lives. Sometimes our questions about our issues and our very existence cannot be answered by psychology alone, but require a deeper path of understanding, and spiritual counselling can often fill in the places where the mind needs greater wisdom. Spiritual counselling draws from many paths and traditions, various religions and cultures, life experiences and the personal healing journey itself. This makes it accessible to a wide variety of people yet able to cater to the individual.
As a result of the body/mind connection, our mental and emotional issues often surface in the body as physical ailments and even energy imbalances can be felt as pain or constriction in the body. How many times has stress, a dominantly mental state of being, been the cause of countless physical ailments such as headaches, digestive upsets, pains in the chest, general aches and fatigue? Energy work such as Reiki, Chakra balancing, crystal therapy, Shamanic practices and other various energy techniques are used to locate, transmute and regenerate areas of concern in the body, revealing the deeper issues behind the problem. Once the imbalance has been corrected, or the negative energy removed, a feeling of balance and lightness usually follows and the client will have gained valuable clarity on their issues and acquired useful wisdom for the prevention of such ailments for the future.

Silent Meditation
Meditation is an essential tool for developing peace and serenity in our daily lives. It has been clinically shown to reduce stress and its effects on the body and mind. It is also essential for the further development of spiritual insight and can complement religious and/or spiritual practice.
Our group practices silent meditation and uses the Breath, Silence, Stillness and other tools to help focus on the Breath to develop deep concentration, to control and quiet the ‘chattering mind’ and relieve one’s self from the rigors of the mundane world allowing a break in the hectic pace of our lives. Serenity, wisdom, energy, power, clarity, peace, harmony and balance are the natural results of a good meditation practice.


Vikki Langelier has been a Spiritual Therapist for eight years and teaching meditation for the past five.  Many years have been spent doing formal studies in Shamanism, Reiki (master’s level), Zen Buddhism and the arts and informal studies in comparative religion, various spiritual paths, various healing modalities, physics, natural history and psychology.
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