Sky Dancing: A Tantric Retreat for Couples with Darren & Clarity

Sky Dancing: A Tantric Retreat for Couples with Darren & Clarity

Sky Dancing: A Tantric Retreat for Couples with Darren & Clarity

February 16 – 18, 2018


Tantra is said to be the paradigm for our times. Based in ancient wisdom and innovated through the ages to offer a diversity of spiritual practices, philosophies and perspectives, Tantra is in essence about treating every aspect of existence as divine, sacred and potentially empowering. Tantra is also about amplifying and seeing pleasure as holy, which is why it provides significant antidote to the doldrums of Western culture which has been so repressed. Tantra offers liberation of the innate joy of the heart, largely obscured by the sufferings of life. Tantra gives us the tools and the wisdom to pry open our inner-radiance and create a life based on authentic and profound love. It is also a path that embraces sexuality and even offers the notion that intimate partnership can be a pathway to the greatest evolution and healing. It teaches us to be embodied, vulnerable and receptive, while allowing you to have a deeper understanding of your sexual energy and how to use it for growth and expansion.

The paradigm of conscious love and partnership is trending because people are discovering untapped potentials in their intimacy. We live in an exciting age where social norms are opening and we can truly revise what it means to be in partnership, in equality, and provide a context for the deepest healing of both involved. Tantra and sacred sexuality principles have been known to resurrect immense love as well in partners who have lost that magic. They also provide a whole new vista of exploration and empowerment for the individual themselves.

Darren and Clarity are honored to invited to share a powerful Tantric experience. As lovers, partners, friends and beloved, they have been on a Tantric adventure from the very beginning of their Relationship as their passion for the Ancient Philosophy and Practices of Tantra have brought them together, and together they chose to embrace the Conscious Path of Love. They come together to offer a unique experience for couples to dive in deeper into the possibilities of True Connection during a weekend where they will guide loving couples into an experience of deep Tantric Intimacy and share knowledge and their own experiences of Tantra and sacred sexuality.


~ Tantra & Sacred Sexuality Practices & Philosophy

~ Conscious Partnership, Trust, Communication exercises

~ Playful Movements, Ecstatic Dancing, Contact Dance

~ Partner Yoga with synchronized movement, breathing and sounding

~ Tantric Ritual honoring each other as God and Goddess and connecting on the Soul level

~ Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Circles (Shiva & Shakti)

~ Partnered Intimate Thai Massage, Kundalini Tantric Massage & Cashmerian Sensual Massage

~ Blissful Cacao Ceremony to open the Heart and activate all senses

~ Sound Healing with Crystal singing bowls


The Lotus Heart Centre is a beautiful place to retreat located less than 2 hours from Toronto on 20 acres of property with an enchanting Forest, walking trails, a small pond, fresh water springs, a medicine wheel and a salt water pool for the warm seasons.


~ $822 Super Early Bird until December 31st

~ $844 Early Bird price until January 15th

~ $888 Regular price per couple

Price includes private accommodation for couples and delicious, wholesome vegan & gluten free meals (other dietary options available to suit all needs). More details will be forthcoming about our culinary team who shall be gracing us with sacred nourishment all weekend long

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Darren Austin Hall is a shamanic musician, sound healer, spiritual teacher, writer & poet. His performances, workshops and teachings are devoted to evolving human consciousness and inspiring a sense of universal truth and unity. His empowering music entails diverse, salving instrumentation, from the crystal singing bowls, Indian tanpura, mystical guitar, shamanic singing, spoken word and song-channeling. shops on new paradigms of spirituality and healing. Darren is also the founder of Conscious Masculinity Toronto. He is also trained in Chinese Medicine and shamanic healing and is a gifted teacher and facilitator of a wide array of work and co-facilitates a men’s group devoted to raising the consciousness of the masculine and is a devotee of the wisdom of nature.

Clarity Bartleet is a Shamanic & Tantric Yoga Teacher and Thai Masseuse. Her path has guided her to cultivate a spiritual awareness within herself and through embodied experiences of Pleasure, Bliss and Emotional work/shadow work. Her inner guidance and body wisdom guides her to perform and participate in regular Tantric, Shamanic and Goddess Rituals. Clarity strongly believes in the medicine of the Human Touch & Play in order to open the energetic Heart and Connect with each other. She has been sharing this passion with others by facilitating Tantric Workshop for couples, Partner Yoga and Thai Massage Workshops. Clarity hosts Women’s Circles during which she cultivates her awareness of the Power of the Divine Feminine and tunes into Shakti Kundalini energy used for Spiritual Awakening. Her circles have helped hundreds of women to feel empowered on their journey and to find deeper connection with themselves and with others.