Priestess of Love ~ A Tantric Retreat for Women

Priestess of Love ~ A Tantric Retreat for Women

Hosted by Vasanti Kea and Feminine Awakening :: Clarity’s Women Gatherings
August 24 – August 26


Sisters! Wild Women! Goddesses!

This is an invitation to participate in an incredible adventure to awakening to your full Sensual and Sexual Potential in Nature in an intimate group of loving and caring Sisters who will allow you to melt into your own Heart and Beingness.

Clarity Bartleet and Vasanti Kea are two Tantrikas and Priestesses who have been initiated into the Art of Sacred & Healing Pleasure. For the first time, they are delightfully combining to share their teachings and facilitate a journey of Tantric Initiation for their Sisters to reclaim, sanctify and anchor within themselves the Archetype of the Priestess of Love.

In the past, there existed commUnities of Women who lived together to serve and worship the Goddess of Love. Through Dancing, Singing and other forms of Rituals and Ceremonies, these Priestesses brought the energy of the Goddess through their own bodies and into this world. This transmission of Divine Energy allowed them, their broader commUnity and Lovers to access the immense healing from the sexual energy that the priestesses cultivated in their daily rituals. Today, many Women are called to reclaim the archetype of the Priestess of Love in order to heal sexual wounds and to become empowered once again in their True Feminine Nature.

On this Healing Journey, we will be performing Rituals, Ceremonies and Tantric & Shamanic practices in order embody the Priestess of Love and to honor our Bodies as sacred Temples. We will be deeply connecting to Mother Earth to feel the incredible energy of Kundalini Shakti that She emanates and that is available to us at all times for Healing and Spiritual Expansion.

For the Pleasure of your Senses, we will be regaling the Priestesses with a truly blissful & healthy menu to honor their Sacred Bodies with the Pleasure and Nourishment that they deserve. We are delighted to be offering 100% DELICIOUS VEGAN & GLUTEN-FREE MEALS for our Tantric Journey ♥

~ Libido, Sexual Energy & Vitality Boost
~ Sexual/Emotional Blockage Release
~ Celebration of the Body & Spirit
~ Healing Touch
~ Attuning to your Goddess of Love
~ Connecting Heart to Pleasure
~ Sensual Nourishment
~ Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Union within and without
~ Full Body Acceptance and Embrace

~ Tantric & sacred sexuality teachings and philosophy
~ Self-touch & massage, Sacred Self-Pleasuring techniques as medicine
~ Trauma Release Therapy & Massage
~ Cashmerian Tantric Massage
~ Aphrodite & Venusian sexuality and beauty Rituals using Natural substances
~ Clothing Optional practices to full connect to our Beauty, Nature and the Power of our Bodies
~ Shamanic Healing Practices using plant medicines
~ Kundalini Activation techniques with Shamanic & Tantric Yoga including movements, breathing exercises & meditations
~ Shakti Shake & Ecstatic Dance around a Sacred Fire
~ Sex Magick Rituals
~ Body awareness techniques to release blockages and cultivate healing energy through the body
~ Ecosexuality Teachings & Practices, arousement with Nature

The Lotus Heart Centre is a beautiful place to retreat located less than 2 hours from Toronto on 20 acres of property with an enchanting Forest, walking trails, a large salt water pool, a small pond, fresh spring water and a medicine wheel.

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~ Shared Bedroom, Single Bed with Bathroom in the Room: $400
~ Shared Bedroom, Double size Bed with Bathroom in the Room: $422
~ Private Bedroom, Double size Bed with Shared Bathroom: $444
~ Private Bedroom, Single size Bed with shared Bathroom: $422
~ Shared Bedroom, Double Bed with Shared Bathroom: $400

Price includes all activities, accommodation and delicious, wholesome vegan & gluten free meals (other dietary options available to suit all needs!).


RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW by sending an $100 non-refundable etransfer to with the mention “Priestess of Love”.

For more information or question, private message Clarity Bartleet or Vasanti Kea through Facebook or by email: or

Clarity Bartleet is a Shamanic & Tantric Yoga Teacher and Thai Masseuse. Her path has guided her to cultivate a spiritual awareness within herself and through embodied experiences of Pleasure, Bliss and Emotional work/shadow work. Her inner guidance and body wisdom guides her to perform and participate in regular Tantric, Shamanic and Goddess Rituals. Clarity strongly believes in the medicine of the Human Touch & Play in order to open the energetic Heart and Connect with each other. She has been sharing this passion with others by facilitating Tantric Workshop for couples, Partner Yoga and Thai Massage Workshops. Clarity hosts Women’s Circles during which she cultivates her awareness of the Power of the Divine Feminine and tunes into Shakti Kundalini energy used for Spiritual Awakening. Her circles have helped hundreds of women to feel empowered on their journey and to find deeper connection with themselves and with others.

Vasanti Kea embodies Tantra & Eros with a uniquely inspiring spark. For the past 10 years, through experiences with indigenous healers, she has acquired powerful modalities to encourage inner harmony. She is an Energetic Bodyworker & Medicine Womban, Massage Therapist and Hatha Yoga Teacher. Vasanti is a vibrant seeker of truth, using Tantra and Sacred Sexuality as avenues of meditation and divine exploration. She has empowered hundreds of people to restore the peace and luminosity between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. The arts of Tantra, Medicinal Pleasure and Conscious Relating are passion in her life. She has been facilitating workshops and events internationally for 3 years.