October Retreat

Meet Your Future Self – Vibrant, Free, Fulfilled
A Post Pandemic Retreat to Heal, Grow and Create

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this retreat! First, to be able to gather once again after what we have all endured. And second, who we have become in the process. Now we can see what’s possible

The ground beneath us is shifting, pushing everything that needs change to the surface. What was is no more; who we were, we are no more. To say we are emotionally charged, confused and overwhelmed would be an understatement. We are stradling the old and the new and it isn’t an easy task.

This is also the pivotal time, asking us to choose consciously and live intentionally. What does that mean? We must raise the level of our Consciousness so we can expand the “seeing” and “knowing”. This is deep inner work and retreats are the way.

Here, we heal the past, peel away the layers of old conditioning, ask the big questions: Who are you in 2 years? What does your heart desire? What’s your soul’s call? How do you want to feel?

This is soul level Self care. We can’t undermine the urgency for us to transform and forge a New Path and live aligned with our deep Truths. If the pandemic has taught us anything is that we must invest in our health and healing.

The transformation energy is high in the next few months. When we harness this energy for our individual transformation, we can bring all of our manifesting to fruition.

Are you on a Spiritual path and feel lost? Is your past in charge of your present? Are you overwhelmed, traumatized from the pandemic? Are you struggling with too many health issues? Do you feel purposeless? Then this is for you.

A retreat is a way to slip into the subtle and the mystical part of yourself that reveal your truth and the powerful impulses from our soul that we become good at burying. It’s when we create the inner space and allow oursleves to go there that we get the answers. Our mind can’t answer such questions.

A delight for your senses, this retreat will take palce in the stunning countryside in Brighton, Ontario at the Lotus Heart Centre

Take solace in the 20 acres of serene views, walking trails, a small pond, freshwater streams, a saltwater pool, gourmet vegetarian cuisine; curated to nourish you deeply on all levels. The big question, What’s possible for me?, naturally arises and we are ready to listen to the answers.

When we are deeply nourished, we glide through life’s challenges, our vision is enlivened, we heal and transform with ease. You will be cacooned in a safe container of love and support, so you can let go with ease, connect with yourself and shift at the somatic level in witness with others.

Your job is to just be with yourself and we will take care of the rest. Here you naturally slip into the subtle and mystical part of yoruself that reveals your truth and your soul’s calling. The healer, the anchor and the magic is waiting inside, I will guide you there.

Dates and Cost
October 13th – 20th, 2022

CAD$2,650, US$2,100 ( approx)
Early Bird Registration till Sept. 10th, Save CAD$150
2 Payment Options: Pay In Full or Pay in 2 installments
Registration Closes Sept. 30th.
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For what is included, what to bring, the soft schedule and more, please visit the Ayurvedic Healing Center website